Project title:
Open platform for innovative smart living services (OPTIMISE)

Project duration:
13.08.2021 – 31.10.2022

Funding provider:
This measure is co-financed with tax funds on the basis of the budget passed by the Saxon state parliament. The Saxon State Ministry for Regional Development (SMR) supports the project within the framework of the future initiative simul+.

Project participants:


Smart living is characterized by various smart products (sensors and actuators) that are used to quantify and control energy-, comfort- and security-related issues in homes and buildings. However, up to now there have been primarily price-intensive stand-alone solutions in which users operate exclusively in manufacturer-specific ecosystems. In addition, the inherent potential benefits of smart products through complementary digital services have not yet been sufficiently exploited. Data protection concerns exacerbate cost-induced acceptance problems and prevent widespread dissemination.

Project goals

The core objective of the OPTIMISE project is to design, develop and demonstrate an open smart living platform. Using IoT, Big Data, and AI technologies, the platform enables the vendor-independent connection of smart living devices, the historical and near-real-time analysis of sensor data, the intelligent control of actuators, and the offering of developed services on a digital marketplace. Based on these functions, companies can develop and offer individual services with added value for customers (e.g., energy management, comfort and security) faster and more cost-effectively. Other key objectives are to make the smart living platform available in the form of a demonstrator both in the InfAI's Living Lab and in a real test apartment. This should illustrate the application possibilities and potential benefits of the platform and create a common understanding of smart living between users and companies. Furthermore, user needs are to be identified and networks of interest and partnerships initiated. In this context, regional potentials regarding relevant products, companies and projects in the field of smart living will be identified and analyzed on the basis of a market study.